Richie Blackmore and the Occult?

Wait just one minute: I knew Richie Blackmore was into a load of Hobbit-type RenFaire stuff, which he's done exclusively since leaving Deep Purple a zillion years ago with his filk singing combo. But he was into the dark stuff too?

It indeed looks that way. I guess it's no surprise, given the time and the place. All these classic-era British rock fellers were all into that cringe. Hey- we all need to get our inspiration somewhere, right.

Give this video a view.

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  1. People who feel marginalized and downtrodden by their peers, especially early on in life as Blackmore clearly had been in his youth, often try to seek solitude and satisfaction in embracing things that others are fearful and repulsed by.

    Here's why: I remember at an early age when I found out my older brother of three years was terrified of my monster models that I kept in my room. Discovering this led to a psychological advantage for me where I turned his natural inclination for bullying me into one of control and satisfaction in knowing I, as the little brother, had power and agency over a perceived oppressor. That behavior is as old as primates and can be found in most human interactions where tactical psychological control games are played out for real. Guys like Blackmore who are sensitive and non-conformists suffer at the hands of rules and societal pressures to fit in where clearly they do not. Being perceived as "bad" or "edgy" gives one a persona of power and mystery that is perfectly aligned with being a rock star. A clever wielder of such tools can easily setup barriers between what was distasteful and problematic in their lives to giving them some satisfaction and semblance of control.

    All this dabbling into the occult and dark demonic stuff by many of the rock people who identify with this kind of oppression in their lives understand the power of teenage hormones and the innate desire for being rebellious that comes with it. They get how it works to some degree. What they do not often get is how some things, as innocently perceived as non-threatening and safe behind vaporous walls of their own fantasies can, in fact, lead to doors and portals that are real enough to not be opened without specific and carefully orchestrated intent. What they bring with them into their fame is a lack of knowledge of the full purpose of what they are doing and how they are doing it.


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