Insanely Great Playlist of 90s Songs You're Not Sick Of

Now you can finally escape 2021 with this treasure trove of killer 90s cuts.


Insanely Great 90s Songs You're Not Sick of: 1999

It’s obvious that grave mistakes had been made when devising our modern calendar, because 1999 was inarguably the first full year of the dreaded 21st century. Certainly music-wise. 


Insanely Great 90s Songs You're Not Sick of: 1998

Not many people realize it, but the Nineties ended May 17, 1998, when the last episode of the original X-Files series filmed in Vancouver aired. Hey, laugh if you must but the facts on the ground bear this out. Moreover, the Nineties actually began on August 23, 1988 when Jane’s Addiction released the first true prototype for the 90s rock album, Nothing’s Shocking.


Insanely Great 90s Songs You're Not Sick of: 1997

 1997 not only saw the continuing decline of the musical class of 1991 but also the decline of acts signed in the wake of Nirvana's black swan success. But that doesn't mean there weren't some big albums and a wide variety of very exciting music released that year.

Better yet, someone finally asked out loud the question that had been on everyone's mind for 20 years: How did Geddy Lee's voice get so high? Did he speak like an ordinary guy?


Insanely Great 90s Songs You're Not Sick of: 1996

 Oh, 1996. You saucy minx of a year. If I were to summarize you with a single music video, it would have to be a couple of muso goofballs doing cheesy Muzak remakes of then-current hits like "Black Hole Sun" on vintage synths. Sure feels like 1996 to me. How about you?



Insanely Great 90s Songs You're Not Sick of: 1995

I'm not ashamed to admit I got a bit choked up assembling this list. 1995 was a seminal time in my life for many different reasons, but all the great music unleashed on the world that year is near the top of the list.

In that light, I'm going to bend the rules just a bit. A few of the songs here will be big hits off big albums by big acts, but they're all songs I can never get sick of.