King Crimson, Gurdjieff and the Esoteric


  1. I had a dream last night that I was seeing a Robert Fripp show, I think it was a King Crimson gig, but it seemed like he was just playing solo unaccompanied in the portion of the dream I remember, though were instruments setup for a small band. It was taking place in the lodge of some summer camp type place, about 40 or so folding chairs setup for the audience, which weren't even close to full. Seemed like I had some good friends there, very chill comfortable vibe.
    He was playing some wild stuff, and then came up to me in the audience and thrust the guitar at me like it was my turn...I said, "I haven't played guitar in years, but ok!" I was playing clumsily, but in my style, which is a TON of hammer-on's and sloppy technique. For the first few notes he was very supportive and seemed surprised at how unorthodox what I was doing was, but a few notes later and he became visibly annoyed at how unschooled I was telling me to stop letting that happen, referring to all the fret buzz and poor tone. Hey! You thrust your guitar at me buddy, you get what you get!


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