1979: The Year Punk Peaked, Part One

I have so much to be grateful for, but being a young, precocious, screwed-up latchkey kid living in a major metropolitan area when pop culture was peaking is pretty high on my list. It's only now that I realize how spoiled I was. How spoiled we all were. 


Richie Blackmore and the Occult?

Wait just one minute: I knew Richie Blackmore was into a load of Hobbit-type RenFaire stuff, which he's done exclusively since leaving Deep Purple a zillion years ago with his filk singing combo. But he was into the dark stuff too?


Men of Steel: Big Country's Steeltown (1984)


I can't remember what I wrote this for or exactly when, just that it was written a long time ago. I'm posting it now because this album always reminds me of the week after Christmas, seeing I bought it then back in 1984...


Merry Chrisknowlesmas!

It's that time of year - for the secret history of rock n' roll Christmas songs! Well, kind of. It's more the secret history of rock n' roll songs that fill me with wistful holiday nostalgia. 

Let's get this party started. Crank it up, you mad dog! 


Fire from Heaven, or Guitar as Invocation

This is a companion piece to the one now up on the Sun, commemorating Geordie Walker's recent passing. I have no idea when I originally wrote or what for, I just know it was sometime back in the early 90s. I posted it here way back in the day and I'm posting it again now.