1983 4Ever: Dreams Stay with You

My obsession with Scottish post-punk probably began the first time I heard John McGeoch's guitar, but certainly reached an apogee with Big Country. 

I first heard them in September of 1983 during the height of the New British Invasion/synth pop craze and almost immediately ran out to buy their debut The Crossing at the old Quincy Records off the main drag in Quincy Square. I remember actually being afraid that if I didn't get the album right away they might disappear back into the ether somehow. It was that kind of year.


1983 4Ever: Aztec Camera meets Rider-Waite


I've talked before about how 1983 was one of those threshold eras, when interesting new ideas and roiling subcultures were being fired by strange forces emanating from the ether. You kind of had to be there to get my full meaning, but suffice it to say the first (meaning "real") Stranger Things does a magnificent job of capturing the flavor. 

You know; before the Duffers got "the talk."


"The Only Difference is That They Didn't Have Electricity"

The exact same thing as the ancient Mystery festivals.

'Tis the season for celebrated mythology: The Secret History of Rock 'N' Roll 


Insanely Great Playlist of 90s Songs You're Not Sick Of

Now you can finally escape 2021 with this treasure trove of killer 90s cuts.


Insanely Great 90s Songs You're Not Sick of: 1999

It’s obvious that grave mistakes had been made when devising our modern calendar, because 1999 was inarguably the first full year of the dreaded 21st century. Certainly music-wise. 


Insanely Great 90s Songs You're Not Sick of: 1998

Not many people realize it, but the Nineties ended May 17, 1998, when the last episode of the original X-Files series filmed in Vancouver aired. Hey, laugh if you must but the facts on the ground bear this out. Moreover, the Nineties actually began on August 23, 1988 when Jane’s Addiction released the first true prototype for the 90s rock album, Nothing’s Shocking.