Get Off Your Knees, Generation X

Sure, we're mocked, erased, ignored, and discarded, but guess what? We had the Nineties, and a lot of us also had the Eighties. 

We had the bloodiest pits, the craziest raves, the shoe-iest gazers, the gnarliest grungesters, the cutest manic pixie dream girls. 


So we win and motherf**kers lose.


Watch King Crimson Play Every Note That Has Ever Existed and then Invent Some New Ones.

Fripp sez, "Alan Holdsworth, Alan Schmoldsworth. I'll show you how to play a million notes a second without hammering or tapping."

Don't be fooled by the impassive demeanor. I saw Fripp do a Frippertronics show at the Winter Garden in the World Financial Center back in the day. He reduced thousands of stock brokers to tears. Very odd duck.

"FraKctured" is a sequel to "Fracture" from the John Wetton lineup. It took that chap 22 years to learn the latter. It will probably take him 44 years to learn the former.

I used to listen to this stuff when I was working on a particularly-complex vector rendering that needed maximum left-brain input. I recommend the practice.