The Secret Origin of Boston Hahdcoah Hardcore Punk


  1. Great discussion, Chris. Regarding "Our Gods Wear Spandex", I know what you mean about, in this case, comic book fandoms not being particularly open-minded over the prospect of having their beloved pop-culture medium analyzed from perspectives they deem threatening to their "fantasy". I've personally dealt with such attitudes in other areas as well, such as poetry, for instance, having frequented the Toronto poetry scene in the late 90s and 2000s, only to be met with consistent resistence almost everytime I attempted a thorough discussion on poetry in terms of aesthetics, history and craftsmanship. It really disappointed me just how closed-minded most of these so-called, liberal-minded "poets" (many of them with "published works", albeit small-press and chapbooks) were about knowing and understanding their own medium of expression.

    Also, I had no idea that Henry Rollins was not the original lead-vocalist of Black Flag. And that, in fact, there were 3 vocalists BEFORE him! lol

    1. Rollins wasn't the first but he was the worst! Thank you, James.

  2. WTF is this insanity?


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