Diving Deeper

This was a very fruitful discussion- talking the secret history on Positively Incorrect with Scott Cluthe. We go way beyond the thesis of the book and dive into some very deep cultural and philosophical waters dealing with the role of art and spirituality in a healthy society, as well as the degenerative power of creeping corporatism on the heart and soul of our culture.


Begging Your Pardon!

My sincere apologies...

This blog hasn't been quiet because there's nothing going on with the book- it's been quiet because there's a ton of stuff coming up! Starting after Christmas and through January and February there will be a host of Secret History related appearances on various radio shows and podcasts and some other extremely exciting possibilities in the works. Watch this space and the Secret Sun Facebook page for more info.

In the meantime, here's a handful of Secret things for you to read:

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Disinfo.com book excerpt: http://www.disinfo.com/2010/12/the-secret-history-of-rock-n-roll-building-a-mystery/