Talking Rock on the Truth Brigade

Here's another gabfest, this time talking The Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll on The Truth Brigade. Again, lots of new material is covered including the decline and fall of Classic Rock, the corporate colonization of music, the grooming of pop puppets, the dark side of the Sixties and so much more. Two hours.


Mike Clelland! said...

About the interview - It was funny talking about all the primal up-swelling in rock & roll music, and then hearing the softest of soft rock as the bumper music (CSN and the eagles, uughhh!)

Also - My first concert was The Doobie Brothers too. Probably in 1976 or so.

About backward masking - At the end of a B52's album, there is a comic psycadelic fade out at the end of a song. When played backwards (easy on a turn-table) you could hear Fed Schneider declaring: "Be careful, you might ruin your record player!"

Scott Story said...

I enjoyed this interview, like I enjoy your interviews in general, but it seemed like some of the blanket statements spouted by the Truth Brigade host momentarily flabbergasted you. That's not a criticism of you, because she had already jumped to judgement in all her statements.

That's a problem I have with a lot of people interested in the esoteric. They are more interested in the narrative than truth, and they automatically assign blame to any of the usual bad guys (the FBI, etc.)

I grew up in the 70's so I remember all the backward masking stuff. It was mostly matrixing, picking out words were none existed, much like the ghost hunters and their recorders do with so-called ghost speak.

I digress, though. I remember listening to Stairway to Heaven backwards, and it sounded like a mess, and then read what the band was supposedly saying. Suddenly, the recording sounded like Plant's reverse voice was professing all sorts of deviltry. The bottom line--clearly people make what they want of such things, and like many memes it's somewhat infectious.

Christopher Knowles said...

Mike- Ahh, 1976. I saw them right after Tom Johnston quit. But damn- they kicked all kinds of ass.

Scott- Yeah, but you know what? - that's show biz. She has to entertain her own audience, who probably start to drift when you speak seriously on artistic topics. She needs to toss the red meat out to keep the advertisers happy. Maybe the producer was watching the traffic and told her to amp up the drama so people won't tune over to Alex Jones.

Scott Story said...

I'm sure you're right, of course. When making her statements, she may well have been rousing her 'base' of listeners.

So, I retract my criticisms.

I guess I do find it hard to accept that the FBI or CIA (I can't remember which she said) controls all the music made. I can think of a few performers, such as Neil Young, who work in the system but still control their own music and finances. But, I suppose they are the exceptions.

piet said...
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wotiewotwot said...

Last night, I was reading William Orbit's blog (a music producer) and found within the comments section a lady that has students with autism, this is some of what she says about how she uses the music that he produces...

"By playing the video, set to the upbeat (yet calming!) music, the students were provided with a fun way of what is known as “positive video modelling”. This approach helps students with autism learn and follow routines with fewer behavioural difficulties or outbursts."


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris
check this (if you havent already):
Jon Savage and the lost history of California punk;