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UPDATE: My interview with Aeon Byte Radio is up here now!

We got a bit of a late start promoting The Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll due to some unavoidable issues behind the scenes, but things are finally starting to rev up. There are a lot of irons in the fire at present and I'll be posting Secret History-related appearances as they go live. As with this blog I intend to use these interviews to expand on the ideas put across in the book, not simply do the same talking points over and over. That's just too boring for me, and I have a very hard time faking it.

This interview is posted now on the Red Ice Radio archive:
Chris Knowles returns to talk about his new book The Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll -The Mysterious Roots of Modern Music that is connecting the modern Rock 'n' Roll phenomena to the ancient world, the ancient gods and the mystery cults. We talk about the emergence of Rock 'n' Roll, the genres, the state of the ancient world, Rome, religion, revolution, culture, counter culture, creativity, the Muse and the archetypal forces that are influencing musicians, even if they are aware of it or not....

There's also an hour on The X-Zone. The interview is available on iTunes (click here) and The X-Zone podcast pages (click here). Also check out The X-Zone jukebox here.

My appearance on Aeon Byte will go live this weekend. Here's Miguel's pitch:
In ancient times, The Mystery Religions quenched the thirst of those tired of extroverted dogmas, those seeking altered states of consciousness, a direct connection with the divine, and an escape from the bondage of ego and death. An individual could be gripped by ecstatic cosmic energies as well as agonize alongside the gods and their celestial sacrifices. The Mystery Religions thrived across the Greco/Roman civilization wearing the clothing of various religious cults, including Christianity, inviting men and women, philosophers and emperors to unlock the secrets of Creation itself.

They were both wild celebrations for the greater life and intimate rituals of inner contemplation. Eventually, the Mystery Religions were outlawed and extinguished by Orthodoxy, existing only in fragments within Secret Societies or the lore of hidden faiths in the borderlands. Yet with the rise of Occultism, the birth of a more egalitarian society, and as a reaction to an existentialist world of grim threats, the Mystery Religions returned without the world even knowing they were back. The old gods took on new names and returned to the material world to impart their Gnosis. The arcane rituals were resurrected except for the addition of modern technology. And they thrived in a seemingly popular form of entertainment called Rock 'n' Roll. We take a voyage into the past for the essence of Mystery Religions and how they incarnated themselves into Rock Music.
Don't forget Acharya S's very indepth review of the book- click here.

As a bonus, Here's a modern Galloi unconsciously replaying an ancient role: lip-synching to Chrissie Hynde's own channeling of the Great Mothers - Isis, Demeter, Cybele - "I'm a Mother."


Raj said...

Hey Chris,

I checked out your Aeon Byte interview. More cool, enlivening discussions. Secret History was damn engaging too. I'm currently rereading Spandex, and pondering on the nature of echoes, transference of information and 'beginnings'. It's weird how stuff happens.

Again, thanks for your great work and all the ways you've inspired me to look at things I kinda wanted to put away for good.


Christopher Knowles said...

Cool- I'm glad you enjoyed it. That was an enjoyable discussion. Thanks for the kind words, too.